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Growing a Better Tomorrow

Since opening its doors in the mid to late 80’s, Austin Landscape Supplies has strived to serve the landscaping needs of Austin and the surrounding communities. Austin Landscape Supplies (ALS) offers a wide array of products from soils, sand and gravels to flagging and patio rock from other parts of our country as well as water features allowing you to let your imagination create beautiful, unique landscaping. And most importantly, of course, we have rail road ties!

Along with all the products we offer you, we can deliver them to you as well. ALS has the truck that fits your needs.

Come in, take a look around or call with your questions. We’ll be glad to help you. Our customer-friendly representatives are eager to do their best to serve you.

Natural Products

ALS is an environmentally friendly company. With green living in mind, we mix our own soils here. We take raw materials and add compost and other necessary minerals and products producing different levels of specialty soils. Austin Landscape Supplies uses organic, natural products in our soil mixes which have been tested and proven safe for use in yards and gardens. We manufacture most of our mulches using only the best of colorants that are safe for people, animals and the environment.

Austin Landscape Supplies provides the best natural stone for landscaping projects—residential and commercial. Natural patio stone is the perfect choice for an original outdoor space. Build a gracious connection between your home and your garden. Create flagstone walks, stone benches and fire pits as inspired outdoor accents.

Austin Landscape Supplies offers natural stone from Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona and all around the Southwest. Each stone exhibits a unique feature of the earth to make a truly distinctive impression.

Come on in and stroll through our gardens. You can see how different natural stones and other landscaping materials are used.

Customer Testimonials

“I am happy with Austin Landscape Supplies Services – they are patient and listen to me.”

Susheel Rathi

“Austin Landscape Supplies rocks! Thank you for your donation of landscaping stones to the Williamson Museum. We are using them for our Summer History Explorers Camp, where campers investigate the culture of the people who came to Texas over time. One group is Native Americans, and we will be making pictographs on the stones as they did hundreds of years ago. Thank you so much for your support!”

Teresa Nusbaum

“We have utilized Austin Landscape Supplies for all our landscaping projects as they have a large selection of products and provide advice and estimated volumes required. Major landscape companies utilize them which is a good indication of the fairly priced products and great service for the do it yourselfer such as us. With an acre of property which we have been converting to zero landscaping over the last few years it could not have been done without Austin Landscape Supplies. Friendly service and great folks to work with!!”

Perry and Sandy Kirby

“In art class at Cactus Ranch Elementary, each child painted their version of what peace looks like to them. this was an artistic expression to show we are a PEACEFUL Place. The Rocks were on display for a week outside our school! Each child took their rocks home on the last day and has treasure to remember this special Art Installation!

“Thanks so much, Austin Landscape Supplies, for delivering our ROCKS!”

Cactus Ranch Elementary Art Department