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The Best

We are a down to earth company, mixing our own soil with Green Living in mind. We are able to produce different levels of specialty soils by taking raw materials and adding compost. The result being a soil designed with your needs in mind.

ALS uses Austin Dillo Dirt for a soil mix, which has been tested and proven to be safe for use in the yard and gardens.

Austin Landscape Supplies can deliver your soil to you as well. We have the trucks that fit your needs. Come on in and take a look around or call with your questions and we will be glad to help you.

Soil & Compost


Soil from Colorado River basin which has dirt clods, roots & small rocks.


Soil from Colorado River basin -finely screened for dirt clods, roots, & rocks.

Landscape Mix

Excellent soil for grass and xeriscape.
20% compost, 70% loam & and 10% bank sand.

Grower's Mix

Excellent soil for vegetable or flower garden.
40% compost, 40% loam, 10% bank sand, 10% granite sand.

Dillo Mix

Excellent soil mix for top dressing grass and general plants.
33% Dillo, 33% loam, 33% bank sand.

Premium Mix

Our best bedding soil. Used for prized perennials, soil amendment or potting soil.
60% compost, 10% bank sand, 10% granite sand, 20% loam.

Special Plant Mix

Our select soil for special plants - roses and azaleas. 60% compost, 30% pine bark, 10% granite sand.

ALS Horse Compost

Best soil amendment available.
Horse manure, wood shavings, yard wastes.

Dillo Dirt **

Compost from organic waste of Austin's residents. Great soil amendment or top dressing for lawns.

ALS Top Dressing

Great soil amendment or top dressing for lawns.
50% compost & 50% sand.

One Yard Coverage (approximate)

Area (ft2)Depth (in)

**Dillo Dirt is sewer Sludge Compost
*All sizes are approximate figures & may vary
*Discounts available for large quantities of 30 yards or more
*$15.00 culling fee for all unopened pallets.
*$0.03 re-stacking fee for palletized rock
$35 return check fee
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.
**Some products are not available at all times of the year
10% cancellation fee for Pre-paid credit card, check and cash purchases

Size, color and shapes will vary on all products.
Sizes are not exact. Natural stone is a product of nature.
We do not guarantee characteristics of stone represented as they will vary per batch.